The inaugural ceremony held to mark the completion of the Science Library of Kim Il Sung University, splendidly rebuilt thanks to the warm affection of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un 2023.10.21.
The Science Library of Kim Il Sung University, the central base of training national cadres and the highest institution of Juche-oriented science⋯
Pelocetus in the Miocene Newly Unearthed in Hosan-ri, Myonggan County, North Hamgyong Province by a Research Group from the Faculty of History 2023.10.8.
Recently a research group from the Faculty of History, Kim Il Sung University unearthed and ascertained a whalebone fossil,⋯
Graduates from Kim Il Sung University Volunteer for the New Street Construction Project in Pyongyang 2023.6.15.
Recently, the graduates from the university, full of dream and hope, volunteered to take part in the construction of a new street in Pyongyang⋯

Research Achievement

Among the mammalian fossils discovered, there were also fossilized monkey bones, which correspond to the upper Pleistocene in period and Macaca mulatta in taxonomic position.
Lots of mammalian fossils were discovered along with human fossils at the Chongphadae cave site in Hwangju County, the Taehung cave site in Sangwon County⋯
The Study On Improvement Of Electron Density Function And Embedding Energy Function Of AEAM For Body-Centered Cubic (Bcc) Tantalum
The research works for considering the asymmetry of electron density distribution have also⋯
A Design of Active Disturbance Rejection Control with Higher Convergence Rate
We proposed a novel method to design ESO-based state feedback controller by using LQ method and⋯


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