Education for Foreign Students

Education for foreign students started in1955 at Kim Il Sung University.

Over 5,000 foreign students and apprentices from around 30 countries have so far studied at Kim Il Sung University. They were from China, Russia, Syria, Iran, Vietnam, Cambodia, Palestine, Laos, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, the UK, France, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Albania, Hungary, Kenya and so on.

The major course for foreign students is currently Korean language course. But recently Information Science Department of the Faculty of Information Science, Modern Physics Department of the Faculty of Physics and Modern Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics have been fully prepared to provide satisfactory education for foreign students.

Studying at Kim Il Sung University, foreign students and apprentices can not only acquire the Korean language but also have a better understanding of Korea's time-honored history and its thrilling reality. They can also get general knowledge about Korea-related areas and abundant basic knowledge of various fields. And after graduation they can be fully qualified as competent experts capable of doing research on and exchanges with Korea on various fields of politics, economics and culture and also capable of teaching, translating and interpreting Korean language by themselves.

Education for Foreign Students
Education for Foreign Students
Education for Foreign Students

The current Korean language education for foreign students aims at training them to be the experts who can provide satisfactory Korean language teaching, translation and interpretation work, and has the curriculum of four years.

The compulsory major or basic major subjects for them are "Introduction to Linguistics", "History of Korean Literature", "History of Foreign Literature", "Korean Language Phonemics", "Korean Language Lexicology", "Korean Language Morphology", "Korean Language Syntax", "Reading of Korean Language Historical Records", "Korean Language Dialectology", "Korean Language Semantics" "History of Korean Language", "Computer Linguistics", "History of Korean Linguistics", "Korean Language Stylistics", "Mathematical Linguistics" and so on. Other compulsory subjects comprise socio-political subjects like "Juche Philosophy", "Psychology" and "Logics" and basic subjects like "Higher Mathematics", "Computer Application", "Introduction to Science and Technology" and "History of Foreign Philosophy". There are also optional subjects like "Phonetics and Grammar of the Medieval Korean Language", "Korean Language Word Formation Theory", "History of Foreign Linguistics", "Semantics of Korean Language Particles" and so on.

Various forms of practice are closely combined with lectures so that the students can enrich their understanding of Korea and further improve their ability to use the Korean language. The education curriculum includes in it the visits, travel and tour to various places that enable foreign students to have a deep understanding of Korea and its people.

The graduates who have finished the course with good grades can go on to the postgraduate school if they wish and the academic degrees are available to them.

The foreign students are awarded with graduation diploma and the university badge on graduation.

Kim Il Sung University takes scrupulous care to provide sufficient conditions to foreign students for studying and living amid the deep concern of the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government.

Education for foreign students is reliably guaranteed by authoritative education forces.

In the new century, it is in new vigor thanks to the high qualities of lecturers and their efforts of full ardor.