Campus Life

Extracurricular Activities

Students of Kim Il Sung University are involved in variegated extracurricular activities.

The indoor stadium, indoor swimming pool and other playing fields are thronged with students, who play various sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, etc.

Students with gifted talent for music take part in activities of arts groups.

Members of the arts groups perform on national holidays and anniversaries such as the founding anniversary of the university, which deeply move the faculty and students.

Students also do social activities–explaining our party policies, hygienic propaganda, etc.-in areas of dwelling frequently.

Students are often found in stadiums, theatres and cinemas.

Study tours to revolutionary battle sites and historic sites, journeys to scenic spots and other visits help students broaden their horizon and possess a better knowledge of society and nature.

Parks and resorts through Pyongyang and many resorts such as Masikryong Ski Resort provide favorable conditions for students enjoying holidays, Sundays and vacation days.

Boarding students spend most of their extracurricular time in several buildings of dormitory which are furnished with excellent living conditions.