Kim Il Sung University is now improving the content of education, teaching methods, education system and management of teaching in conformity with the characteristics of the most prestigious universities.

Great efforts are being made to improve the content of education in order to secure world supremacy in the education of disciplines of departments and faculties, and many textbooks and reference books of international level are being published.

It has been developing and perfecting the heuristic teaching method of Korean style in line with the requirements of the times and conducting education in close combination with scientific researches and practical activities. Students of the university are being trained into talented personnel with high theoretical and creative capabilities.

Kim Il Sung University is giving primary importance to political and ideological education and paying due attention to foster among students the ambition for and confidence in surpassing the cutting edge in scientific researches.

Education system from undergraduate course to postgraduate and post-doctoral courses, the education system for training talented personnel, has been established, and practical measures are being taken so that the genius education system, a well-regulated system from primary and secondary education to higher education stages, could pay off in practice.

The successes of the university in distance education and in-service education are making a tangible contribution to implementing the policy of the Workers' Party of Korea to make all the people well-versed in science and technology.

Kim Il Sung University has so far established twin-university relations with many universities of the world and promoted exchange and cooperation with them, and is now making active contributions to the development of world education and science in various ways and methods such as the exchange of visiting lectures and international students, joint researches, etc.