Distance Education

Faculty of Distance Education , Kim Il Sung University started their work on April 1st Juche 104(2015) as taught by the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il.

The Faculty has provided distance education by producing over 520 distance education subjects and 13,000 distance education plans.

The Faculty with 4 courses and 300 students at first has 20 courses (political economics, economic management, revolutionary history, Juche philosophy, law, public finance, applied mathematics, applied physics, information science, synthetic chemistry, life science, national land and environment, metrology and hydrology, geographical information, marine science, applied geology, mechanics, materials engineering, automation engineering, forest science) now and the number of students has increased up to 12 000.

Distance Education

Distance education can be provided for universities, colleges, factories, institutes and homes via nation-wide network.

Students who are enrolled in distance learning course can study at any place connected to the national network and at any time with electronic card and electronic student ID only.