The Post-graduate School

The school for further studies, which opened in May, 1947, was renamed the Post-graduate School in 1984.

Some 9 000 students graduated from the Post-graduate School of Kim Il Sung University over the last 70 years.

In 2002, Kim Il Sung University introduced a system of advanced education whereby students take a continuing full-time MA course from the undergraduate course with a view to training competent talents who will work for the building of a powerful socialist country.

Academically excellent students including those from Number One Middle Schools are selected for the continuing course. The course last 4 and half years for the undergraduate and 2 years for the full-time MA course.

At the beginning, there was no separate curriculum for the continuing education; it had used the same curriculum.

In the early 2010s, the Faculty of Mathematics and the Faculty of Physics organized classes of gifted students and started a continuing education with its separate curriculum.

Since 2018, classes of gifted students have been formed in all faculties, with their own separate curriculum.

The Post-graduate School has an MA and PhD courses in the form of full-time, part-time and special course. Graduates, teachers, researchers from Kim Il Sung University and other universities and college are engaged in studies in their major areas and research. They write a research paper on their research and present it the academic societies concerned to the State Commission for Conferment of Academic Degrees and Titles for examination and are eventually awarded degrees of Masters or PhD.

Overseas Korean scholars and foreigners are also awarded the degree of Masters or PhD upon completion of the post-graduate course.