Highest Institute for Training Party Cadres in New Era Ensuring Steady Continuity and Development of Revolutionary Cause of Juche
Inauguration Ceremony of Newly-Built Central Cadres Training School of WPK Held with Splendor
Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Makes Important Speech and Cuts Inauguration Tape

Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA)-Directly initiated and wisely guided by the Central Committee of the great Workers' Party of Korea, the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK, the highest institute for training Party cadres, was built in the historic Kumsusan area as a symbol of the absolute prestige of our Party and the invincibility of our cause, and greeted the day of its inauguration. 

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un unfolded a far-reaching plan to renovate the "pedigree farm" for training the backbone of the Party, related with its future for the next 100 years, as required by the developing times, and personally designated the site for its construction. And he provided energetic guidance to make sure that its design comprehensively reflected its appearance and dignity as befits a research centre that would support the organizational and ideological strengthening of the Party and its leadership activities in an educational and academic way. 

Thanks to the vigorous efforts of the builders who upheld with matchless fighting efficiency and creative abilities Kim Jong Un's noble intention to add glory to the cause of building the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party by building the political institution, which had made a great contribution to the long and glorious history of Party building, into a prestigious educational base in the world both in name and reality, the school was successfully built as a model of the Juche-oriented architecture and education sector in a little more than one year after groundbreaking. 

The school, which has a total floor space of over 133 000 square meters and was built on an ideal site in terms of its political character as a "pedigree farm" for training the backbone of the WPK and educational environment, has administration section, cultural and sports section, living section and others laid out in a modern and practical way to suit their missions, functions and purposes, and they are equipped with an advanced educational system and a high level of educational conditions and environment. 

The inauguration ceremony of the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK took place with splendour on May 21. 

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the WPK and president of the State Affairs of the DPRK, attended the inauguration ceremony. 

The campus of the school, where the inauguration ceremony would be held adding a special page to the history of the development of the WPK, was full of excitement and joy of the participants who were to greet a historic moment with him. 

When Kim Jong Un arrived, all the participants broke into stormy cheers of "Hurrah!" 

They cheered enthusiastically, looking up to Kim Jong Un, the prominent leader of the ever-victorious WPK, steadfast Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist and greatest successor. 

Kim Jong Un extended warm congratulations and greetings of encouragement to all the participants in the historic ceremony, which would be greatly significant for the future destiny of the Party and the revolution. 

Present at the inauguration ceremony were Kim Tok Hun, Jo Yong Won and Choe Ryong Hae, members of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, Ri Il Hwan, Kim Jae Ryong and Pak Thae Song, secretaries of the WPK Central Committee, and other officials of the WPK Central Committee, chief secretaries of provincial, city and county Party committees, officials of the Cabinet, ministries, national agencies and provincial Party committees, teaching staff of the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK, officials of the Party cadres training institutions at all levels and leading Party officials of major units in Pyongyang and provinces. 

The national anthem of the DPRK was played. 

Kim Jong Un made a speech, titled, "Train Cadres of the Party in the New Era Who Are Faithful to the Ideal and Spirit of Its Founding" in celebration of the inauguration ceremony. 

Kim Jong Un in his speech expressed his excitement of greeting the moment of etching in history the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK, which has a glorious history and tradition, with its newer appearance as suited to its position and weight. And he expressed his satisfaction at the fact that with the successful completion of the project prepared with much care for years to add eternal glory and honor to the WPK, a prestigious school in the world has taken on its majestic appearance as the "pedigree farm" for training the backbone of the Party and as a research center for ideologically and theoretically supporting the Party in its building and activities. 

Saying that the "pedigree farm" for succession to our Party's cause has been built at a place adjacent to the sacred temple, where President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il lie in state, and near the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Jujak Peak, where the great leaders can hear even the whispering by the students in the campus and the martyrs can always look at them, Kim Jong Un noted that this fact is a manifestation of the determination of all the members of the WPK to remain eternally loyal to the revolutionary cause of the President and the Chairman invariably holding aloft the banner of the immortal Juche idea and their steel-strong will to carry on to the end and accomplish without fail the revolutionary cause of Juche so as not to feel ashamed for themselves before the martyrs. 

Availing himself of the auspicious inauguration ceremony, he expressed thanks to the commanders and soldiers of the heroic guard construction unit and officials in the designing sector who had fully displayed matchless fighting capacity, creative ability and unusual sense of duty during the construction in order to build the school as a crystallization of patriotism and loyalty that embodies the plan and intention of the Party Central Committee most correctly and as a masterpiece of the era that is perfectly true to the Juche-oriented architectural idea of the Party. 

 He also extended heartfelt congratulations and encouraging greetings to the teachers and researchers of the Central Cadres Training School and education workers of other Party cadres training institutes who are working devotedly to fulfil their heavy yet honorable duty they assume in the important position, which nobody else could tackle, for the steadfast continuity and development of the Party's ideology and cause, and to students who are the first to enroll at the excellent political school. 

He referred to the profound significance of the new birth of the highest institute for training revolutionaries, which is directly related to the long-term development of the Party and succession of the revolutionary cause. 

Stressing that the party-building cause of the working class is a long-term undertaking which continues generation after generation and the success in the matter of preserving the party's fighting programme and character and maintaining and intensifying its inherent character and climate would never come of its own accord simply because the party has a long history as government party and excellent traditions, he referred to the importance of the strong party cadres training base for the working-class party to pave the victorious path of the revolution by carrying forward its glorious history since the great founding and maintaining and strengthening its ruling capacity and leadership. And he appreciated the sacred course and honorable title of the Central Party Cadres Training School of the WPK which has fulfilled its mission since its founding as a reliable base for firmly preserving the integrity of the ranks of the Party cadres. 

The history of the WPK's Central Cadres Training School spanning nearly 80 years, when it has supported the glorious ruling history of the WPK, teaches the truth that the historic cause of succession begins and comes to accomplishment at the "pedigree farm" for educating and training reserve Party cadres and that the top priority in aspiring to and designing the bright future of the Party and the revolution should be given to the effort to build up an excellent base for training Party cadres, he said, adding that this is just the Party's strategic view of value. 

He said that to turn the Central Cadres Training School of the WPK into a world-class school is not merely an undertaking of sprucing up the appearance of an educational institution but the most important task for ensuring the continuity of the lifeline of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Party and its invincible leadership for all ages. Anyone who visits here can find clear answers to the questions of how the lifeline of the Party and the revolution is carried forward and how its absolute ruling power and leadership ability are put on a permanent basis and can read the steadfast will of the WPK to defend the eternal continuity and invincibility of the Juche revolution by giving definite precedence to training Party cadres over all other affairs in the future, too, he noted. 

Now, for our Party, as it faces another turning point in its course of development, the circumstances and conditions have changed radically, compared with the past, in the light of its own development and implementation of its revolutionary tasks, he said, adding that hence the WPK adopted the line of Party building in the new era and set forth the task of bringing about a radical improvement in the five major fields of Party building at the Sixth Plenary Meeting of its Eighth Central Committee and has pushed ahead with its implementation in every way. 

He said that the most pressing and critical task at the present stage, for the long-term development of the Party building and in implementing the Party's programme of struggle is to make the cadres possess and improve loyalty to the Party, the revolution and the people as three essential qualities. Proceeding from the requirement of the reality when the Party has now entered a crucial point of its qualitative consolidation, he set forth the slogan "Let Us Usher in a Great Heyday of Building Up the Party in the New Era by Carrying Forward the Ideals and Spirit of Its Founding!" and defined it as the primary revolutionary task for the cadres to equip themselves with the ideals, faith and spirit of the revolutionaries of the first generation who accomplished the cause of the Party founding. 

Affirming that to do so is the best option for transforming the ranks of the Party cadres on a revolutionary and working-class pattern as soon as possible and a shortcut to ushering in a practical heyday of Party building, he said that it is a guarantee for the invincibility of the revolutionary Party and the law of its ruling to set great store by the sacred first page of the Party's history and invariably carry it forward as new pages and exploits are added to it. 

Noting that the inauguration ceremony reminded us once again of the school's mission and duty, which we can never entrust to anyone else, along with the law-governed nature of the Party building and succession to the revolutionary cause which we should never forget, he set forth in detail all the tasks arising in the important course of strengthening the school into the "pedigree farm" for training communists in the new era. 

To turn the "pedigree farm" for training the backbone of the Party into the best university and a model of the educational sector is itself a main factor and extension of the Party work, he said, adding that the WPK came to have the foundation for successfully training its excellent successors by securing a powerful strategic base. 

He clarified the important principles to be held fast to by the school in its educational work, analyzed some deviations being manifested in the educational work of the Party cadres training institutions at various levels, and advanced strategic tasks for improving educational work as required by the times and the developing revolution. 

To guarantee the lasting prosperity of the WPK by carrying forward the ideals and spirit of the Party founding pure and clean is the core of the idea of our Party building, he said, adding that the WPK will grow stronger with today as a new starting point and write a proud chapter of history of making another great turn in the destiny of the country and people. 

He paid high tribute to the invincible WPK which organizes and guides all victories of the Korean people, affirming that the undying dignity and glory of the WPK, which is most faithful to the desire of the masses of the working people and to the socialist ideology, is most thoroughgoing in the orthodox nature as a revolutionary party of the working class and is outstanding and seasoned in its fighting efficiency and leadership, will shine more brilliantly in the ceaseless struggle of all the Party members united single-heartedly around its Central Committee. 

All the participants raised enthusiastic cheers as a token of their highest glory to the great leader of the Juche revolution, who is developing the WPK into an ever-victorious guiding force, which firmly guarantees the eternal future of the powerful nation, with his far-sighted wisdom, profound ideology and theory and energetic guidance, and demonstrating its invincibility and heroic spirit to the whole world. 

A letter of pledge of the teaching staff of the school to Kim Jong Un and the WPK was read out. 

Kim Jong Un cut the inauguration tape. 

Amid cheers, fireworks were set off and balloons floated over the venue of the inauguration ceremony which witnessed the historic event to be markedly recorded in the course of strengthening the Party guided by the five-point building line in the new era. 

The ceremony ended with the playing of the song "Internationale."

Kim Jong Un looked round the revolutionary museum. 

He looked back with deep emotion on the history of the school, which, over the past eight decades since its establishment on June 1, Juche 35 (1946) as the country's first permanent Party cadres training institution thanks to the farsighted initiative and leadership of President Kim Il Sung, has always been a source of power and pride for the WPK in the course of the struggle to steadily train competent cadres needed for building and strengthening the Party as a whole. 

He underlined the need to bear in mind that the development of the WPK hinges on the role of the school and that all the undertakings for strengthening the Party and the eternal future of Party building depend on every step it takes forward, adding that it was important in ensuring the durable existence and successful development of the WPK to carry forward, purely, thoroughly and perfectly, the ideals and spirit handed down by the generation that pioneered the cause of Party building. 

Guided by leading officials of the school, he looked around the education and science exhibition hall, room for studying Party-building, lecture hall No. 3, etc. 

He learned about how the school stepped up its efforts to scientifically systematize, enrich and introduce in its academic courses the important ideas and theories and practical experience being explored, formulated and applied by the Party in the course of the historic struggle in the new century of the Juche era, on the principle of combining inheritance with progressiveness. 

Noting that it is the basic mission of the school, which is responsible for nurturing the future of the Party, for all the teaching staff to fully equip themselves with the red flag idea of the WPK and make the spirit of the students red, he stressed that as it plays a leading role in improving educational work in the Party cadres training institutions at all levels, the school should make proactive efforts to bring about a radical turn in education as demanded by the Party Central Committee and thus fulfill the strategic and historic tasks entrusted to it by the times and the revolution. 

He had a photo taken with the teaching staff of the school, a sacred educational institution devoted to steadily carrying forward and developing the WPK's ideas and cause. 

All the teaching staff expressed their heartfelt thanks to Kim Jong Un for having taken steps to build a revolutionary school without parallel in the world in the sacred place associated with the great history and traditions of the Korean revolution, and for putting them forward as the first masters of this school on a par with the most prestigious universities in the world. 

An artistic performance was given to mark the inauguration of the school.

The songs sung by the performers aroused ennobling reverence among the audiences for the WPK noted for its outstanding revolutionary ideology and seasoned leadership, a great party which was founded on the basis of the ideal "The people are my God" under the banner of the Juche revolution and, for long years since its founding, has brought up the Korean people to be heroes and heroines with an invincible spirit of single-hearted unity and cleared a path for building a powerful country, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in defence. 

The venue for the performance was overflowing with great emotion as the numbers went ahead reflecting the Korean people's pledge to remain faithful to the WPK, as well as the immutable truth that the WPK represents the eternal prestige and bright future of the country and people, a party propelling the Korean revolution on the strength of justice and with great influence to usher in a new era of comprehensive rejuvenation of the state which will shine bright in the nation's 5 000-year-long history.

The performance ended with a firework display, the audiences raising loud cheers again. 

Kim Jong Un waved back to the cheering participants, who were fully determined to share will and purpose with the Party Central Committee and act as one in response to its call, while making redoubled efforts for the development of the great Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist party and the victorious advance of the revolutionary cause of Juche. 

The participants made the rounds of the school, appreciating its distinctive features as befits the most prestigious political school of the WPK and a masterpiece of the present era perfectly embodying the Juche-oriented idea on architecture. 

A dinner was given to congratulate the teaching staff of the school. 

Present there were senior cadres of the Party and the government. 

The inauguration of the school will be recorded in history as a new step forward towards eternal prosperity of the WPK, and as the birth of a powerful strategic base guaranteeing the brilliant inheritance and victory of the noble ideals and sacred cause of Party building.