Entanglement of three non-equally separated quantum dots in plasmonic nanowaveguide system
Quantum entanglement as a fundamental resource of ⋯
Realizable single photon beam splitter using quantum dot coupled to T-splitter silver nanowire
Recently, quantum information science becomes one⋯
The improvement of soil depth estimation using parent materials dataset
We analyzed the linear and nonlinear relationships between soil depth and topographic characteristics⋯
QRCV Approach to Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills in ESP Learning
ESP learning requires two skills; linguistic skill for English on one hand and critical thinking skills (CT) for specific⋯
Properties of Hidden Variable Fractal Interpolation Functions
We have studied properties of hidden variable fractal interpolation functions(HVFIFs) ⋯
Amyloid Aggregates and their Optical Properties
Amyloid aggregation is a process by which proteins are assembled into fibrils characterized by a high content⋯
Evaluation method for the optical feedback factor and linewidth enhancement factor in self-mixing interferometry
Recently, self-mixing interferometry (SMI) is a reliable method that has been applied to measuring displacements⋯
A signal processing method of generating intrinsic mode functions using wavelet packet decomposition
Empirical mode decomposition, a signal processing method that decomposes time series data into Intrinsic Mode Functions(IMFs) ⋯
Dynamic modeling for the second flight phase of the Yurchenko layout vault based on MSC. ADAMS
We simulated human movements by using multibody dynamics methods, and⋯
Reduction of peroxynitrite by some manganese porphyrins
We have carried out quantum chemical study on theoretical interpretation of antioxidant activity of⋯
Electronic structure of inclusion compounds of 5-fluorouracil and cucurbiturils
We carried out quantum chemical study on structure and stability of supramolecular inclusion compounds, where low ⋯
One-Dimensional Consolidation Analysis of the Unsaturated Soils under Cyclic Loadings
We performed the investigation on one-dimensional consolidation behavior of unsaturated soils under cyclic loads such as⋯
Application of Luminescence Dating in Archaeology
Luminescence dating technique is employed to estimate absolute ages of geological objects formed by⋯
In vivo tracking of DNA for precise determination of the stratum corneum thickness using confocal Raman microscopy
In the present study, a new method based on the determination of the DNA concentration profile in⋯
Characteristics of thermo-physical process in 4K pulse tube
4K pulse tube has been simulated by CFD considering the real gas properties of helium to investigate thermodynamic cycle of different gas parcels⋯