Development of the Reagent for Floatation Concentration of Siderite
So far siderite is considered as difficult for floatation concentration. However, it is possible to use floatation concentration for siderite. Floatation concentration⋯

Nonlinear optical effects in nanostructures
In the group of Nonlinear Nano-optics we focus on exploring functional nanostructured materials wioupth novel linear and nonlinear electromagnetic properties for applications related to low energy⋯

International Standard ‘Language Resources Management-Word segmentation of written texts' and Korean
ISO 24614-1:2010 "Language Resources Management-Word segmentation of written texts"⋯

Research in Biometrics Algorithms at the Institute of Information Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics
The institute has been conducting researches into fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris⋯

Site shed new light on Lower Paleolithic in East Asia
Recently, Human Evolution and Development History Research Institute, Faculty of History at Kim Il Sung University unearthed Tongam-dong Site⋯