In vivo tracking of DNA for precise determination of the stratum corneum thickness using confocal Raman microscopy
In the present study, a new method based on the determination of the DNA concentration profile in⋯
Characteristics of thermo-physical process in 4K pulse tube
4K pulse tube has been simulated by CFD considering the real gas properties of helium to investigate thermodynamic cycle of different gas parcels⋯
Joint inversion of frequency domain induced polarization data due to anomalous body ahead of the tunnel face
We have established a method to analyze frequency domain induced polarization (IP) data⋯
Analytical calculation of saturated strain near morphotropic phase boundary of polycrystalline ferroelectrics by the generalized inverse-pole-figure model
researchers have analytically calculated the saturated strain near morphotropic phase boundary of polycrystalline ferroelectrics by⋯
Analytical study on the saturated polarization under electric field and phase equilibrium of three-phase polycrystalline ferroelectrics by using the generalized inverse-pole-figure model
Inverse-pole-figure (IPF) model had been suggested to analyze domain-switching and deformation of single-phased polycrystalline ferroelectrics⋯
Computational method for shock reflection
The phenomena of shock reflection and interference appear mainly around various bodies in supersonic flow and it is one of the important problems for⋯
Riemann-Liouville fractional calculus of fractal interpolation functions
we study Riemann-Liouville fractional calcualus of several fractal interpolation functions such as hidden variable fractal interpolation functions⋯
Effect of polystyrene treatment on the efficiency and stability of fully printable mesoscopic perovskite solar cells with carbon electrode
We prepared hole conductor-free, fully printable mesoscopic perovskite solar cells by⋯
Vascular Plant Diversity of Mt. Kumgang in DPR Korea
Mt. Kumgang lies in an important location in Udvardy system and was registered as International Biosphere Reserve in 2018⋯
Recent results on the research of dynamical system via Furstenberg family
We studied the chaotic properties of topological dynamical system via Furstenberg family⋯
Cauchy problem of generalized fractional diffusion equation
We studied the initial value problem of the generalized fractional diffusion equation as⋯
G_mean based Extreme Learning Machine for Imbalance Learning
we define the newly cost function of ELM optimization problem based on G_mean widely used as evaluation metric in imbalance learning and⋯
Optimal Flood Control Method for Gate-Controlled Reservoir System Based On PSO Algorithm
The Faculty of Global Environmental Science proposed a method for the reservoir water gate management⋯
GIS-based mineral prospectivity modeling
GIS-based mineral prospectivity modeling plays a significant role to decide where to drill in new deposits by integrating various kinds of data which is obtained⋯
Application of Etymology-Visualization Techniques to Teaching Financial English Vocabulary
All the students of finance faculty in Kim Il Sung University take an ESP course⋯
Development of the Reagent for Floatation Concentration of Siderite
So far siderite is considered as difficult for floatation concentration. However, it is possible to use floatation concentration for siderite⋯
Nonlinear optical effects in nanostructures
In the group of Nonlinear Nano-optics we focus on exploring functional nanostructured materials wioupth novel linear and nonlinear electromagnetic properties for applications related to low energy consumption devices, clean energy⋯