Exchange Students' Life

Foreign students studying at Kim Il Sung University enjoy various kinds of extracurricular activities such as sightseeing to the famous architectural edifices, tourist sites and historic sites in Korea. Thus they come to learn the Korean culture, history and realities of our country on their own experience.

They can visit the world-famous mountains such as Mt. Kumgang, Mt. Myohyang as well as historic sites like Kaesong site, Nampho, Wonsan site and King Tongmyong's Mausoleum. This gives them the chance of deep-learning the Korean history, geography and national folks.

Foreign students feel with their heart the realities of our country going around many monumental edifices such as the Tower of Juche Idea, the Arch of Triumph, Sci-tech Complex, Ryomyong Street, Mirae Scientists' Street and museums and exhibitions like the International Friendship Exhibition, Korean Art Gallery.

They can also entertain themselves on Masikryong Ski resort, Munsu water park, Rungra People's Pleasure Park, Rungra Dolphinarium, Kaeson youth park, Mirim horse-riding club, Songdowon beach resort.

Their extracurricular activities may include sports, arts activities too.

The Dormitory for foreign students located in Ryomyong Street, Daesong District in Pyongyang City provides all sorts of service to them with full convenience.

In the dormitory you can find recreational facilities like shop, dining hall, coffee shop, barber's, beauty shop, massage room and also meeting hall, reading area, table-tennis court, and exercise room.

Every room of the dormitory is well-equipped without any discomfort to the students' study and life and on every floor there is a drying room and preparation room.

All the service personnel in the dormitory look after the foreign students just like their parents and brothers and sisters do with warm hospitality and kindness.

A Reflex of a Foreign student from China (Wu Pae Rim, woman, age 22)

"Kim Il Sung University has a high reputation all over the world. Everything is fully equipped here. In Building No 3 where I am studying now every classroom has excellent educational facilities such as an electronic whiteboard, TV and a computer.

I get lectures from top professors of the university. They are so demanding yet enthusiastic and warm-hearted. Special contests give us lots of help to our study and arises passion for learning among the students. We have everything for studying here so we never feel any inconvenience at ll.

Our dormitory is located in the newly-built Ryomyong Street. The staff at the dormitory all looks after us just like their sons and daughters. The food is really nice too. I feel just like at home here. The facilities are state-of-the-art and fairly convenient. We are living happily with all conditions provided.

Therefore I am going to study hard here in the DPRK which provides excellent studying environment and living conditions."