The course of Kim Il Sung University includes study tours of revolutionary battle sites around Mt. Paektu, Mt. Wangjae and Sinhung, revolutionary historic sites and battle sites within the city of Pyongyang, and domestic scenic spots such as Mt. Chilbo, Mt. Myohyang, Mt. Kumgang, Kaesong area, etc. which enable students to get a better, more detailed knowledge of the Korean history and reality.

Students of Kim Il Sung University have taken active part in important construction project such as Mt. Taesong Resort, Kim Il Sung Stadium, Wasan-Ryongsong Highway, Munsu Street, Kwangbok Street, Pyongyang Flower Greenhouse, Vegetable Greenhouse, etc. They also go out to help farmers with their work including rice-planting each spring.

This kind of reality-experiencing brings vivid experiences and in-depth knowledge to students which they could not get from book-reading.