Undergraduate Education

Kim Il Sung University accepts young people who are boundlessly loyal to the leadership of the Party, take active part in political organizational life, possess high abilities of learning as well as lofty morality and healthy, strong bodies.

Each year 2,400~2,500 new students are admitted.

Pupils who graduate from senior middle schools, soldiers and young people who work in factories can sit entrance exams and students who have already attended other universities for 1~3 years can also be admitted as teacher-trainees.

Graduates from Pyongyang Senior Middle School No 1 and other senior middle schools No 1 can enter provincial universities they desire to go to even if they fail in entrance exams of Kim Il Sung University.

The desire of a student is an important factor deciding a choice of a faculty and department of a new comer according to the order of their exam results. Another factor is to keep the balance of talent-training in each province.

Entrance exams are done in a combined mode of written exams, oral exams and computer-based exams.

The under-graduate course of social sciences is 4.5 years long and that of most natural sciences 5 years long. The under-graduate course of Information Science Faculty is 4.5 years long, with 2-year programming department. In addition, there are one-or two-year special course of economics and 2-year special course of literature.

Each faculty has 6.5-year undergraduate-postgraduate consecutive course.

Placing graduates from Kim Il Sung University into a right position is a matter of great concern of the Party and State.

Graduates from Kim Il Sung University are national cadres with great scientific, theoretical and technical abilities as well as boundless loyalty to the Party and leader.

Graduates from Kim Il Sung University have been contributing a great deal to the prosperity and development of the country and working hard in important positions of the Party, state organs, and other social sectors including economic and cultural organs.