Kim Il Sung University has faculties and research institutes of social and natural sciences and many supporting units.

Kim Il Sung University's administration offices such as social sciences office, natural sciences office and teaching administration office are supervising the educational and scientific work of teachers and researchers and establishing a well-organized working system and educational discipline within the university.

The faculties of social sciences and natural sciences keep in close touch with each other to cooperate in exploring new interdisciplinary areas and bringing up competent minds as required by the trend of comprehensive development of sciences and the social, economic needs.

Research institutes in several areas have been established and strengthened, so many successes are also achieved in the university's efforts to integrate teaching, research and production.

The supporting units including the Supplies and Maintenance Office, the Publishing House and Printing House also contribute to these successes.

Today, Kim Il Sung University gives priority to incorporating teaching with research and bringing up creative talents and promoting advanced scientific theories and innovating technologies.