In-service Training

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un emphasized in his report to the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea on the work of the central committee that teachers should possess high levels of pedagogical abilities and their level should be continuously heightened by enhancing the role of refresher course of major universities and paying close attention to teacher-retraining.

The Faculty of Education , Kim Il Sung University retrains teachers and researchers continuously according to the recent trends of requirements of new-century educational revolution and education development.

There are several types of refresher course: central refresher course, university refresher course, field activity and teachers' training.

Central refresher course, 1-month long, is conducted every one or two years for all teachers and researchers with Level 3 or above.

University refresher course, also 1-month long, is conducted with computer science, foreign languages and major subjects every two years for all teachers and researchers except for ones engaged in central refresher course.

Field activity is aimed to enhancing theoretical, practical and academic abilities of teachers and researchers by sending them to organs and institutes directly related to their majors for 1 month.

Teacher-training course is conducted to teach "Pedagogy", "Collegiate Management", etc. to those who have just finished university course and post-graduate course.