Sister University

Kim Il Sung University has many sister universities of the world such as Beijing University of China, with which it is conducting academic exchanges.

The universities which were in the past and are at present sister universities of Kim Il Sung University are as follows.

Beijing University(China)
Yanbian University(China)
Nanjing University(China)
Jilin University(China)
Haerbin Industrial University(China)
Liaoning University(China)
Qingdao University of Science and Technology(China)
Renmin University(China)
Fudan University(China)
Shanghai University(China)
Hunan University of Education(China)
Tianjin University(China)
Damascus University (Syria)
Hanoi State University(Vietnam)
State University of Mongolia(Mongolia)
State University of Indonesia(Indonesia)

Moscow State University(Russia)
Far Eastern Federal University(Russia)
Novosibirsk State University(Russia)
Sakhalin State University(Russia)
Far Eastern State University of Marine Technology(Russia)
Tirana University(Albania)
Humboldt-University Berlin(Germany)
Free University of Berlin(Germany)
Sofia University(Bulgaria)
National University of Oriental Language and Culture(France)
Belgrade University(the then Yugoslavia)
Komenskiy University(the then Czechoslovakia)
Karel University(the then Czechoslovakia)

Havana University(Cuba)
San Marco University(Peru)
Panama University(Panama)
Honduras State Autonomous University(Honduras)
Santo Domingo Autonomous University(Dominica)

Cairo University(Egypt)
Somalia National University(Somalia)
Algiers First University(Algeria)