Visiting Lectures

In order to contribute to the development of education and mutual cooperation between universities, Kim Il Sung University is actively exchanging visiting professors with other universities of the world.

Even in the recent decade, competent professors from the Faculties of Korean Language and Literature, Physics, Economics, Philosophy, History, Law, Foreign Languages and Literature and Mathematics of Kim Il Sung University has worked and are at present working as visiting professors in many universities and international institutions including Beijing University, Yanbian University, Nanjing University, Jilin University, National University of Oriental Language and Culture of France and International Theoretical Physics Centre of Italy.

Renowned foreign scholars are also invited to give lectures at Kim Il Sung University.

Even in 2018, foreign scholars from various academic discipline including Gergana Gimitrova Miluseeva, architectural acoustics designer of Bulgaria, Konstantinov Aleksandre Petrovich architectural designer of Russia, Alessandro, Researcher at SISSA, Italy, Stephan Bastin, Molecule Medicine Expert of Anglia Ruskin University of Britain and Gyanasso Guydo, Professor of Namyang University of Technology of Singapore have been invited to Kim Il Sung University.