University Logo

Kim Il Sung University Logo was decided on on September 25, 2013 to encourage university graduates to cherish pride about their alma mater.

The logo was depicted in a circular frame of two rows, one row with a retaining circle and one row with a pen point at the circular base and a second circular line with the seam.

At the center of the logo was the main building (e-library at present), a symbol of Kim Il Sung University, which is inscribed with autograph of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the first building of Kim Il Sung University established by President Kim Il Sung and permeated with the traces of revolutionary activities of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

In the upper and lower part of the centre, the world globe was carved apart and the name of Kim Il Sung University was carved in the upper part of the globe to symbolize the present and future of Kim Il Sung University shining on the world. In the lower part, the name of Kim Il Sung University was carved with the English letter "KIM IL SUNG UNIVERSITY".

On the occasion of February 16, 2014 the university put up the logo 1.2m in diameter at the front gate and 1m in diameter at the rear gate, which was produced in a figurative way at the Mansudae Art Studio.