Statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il

Statue of President Kim Il Sung

The statue of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung

Statue of President Kim Il Sung on Ryongnam Hill was unveiled on Sep 24, Juche57(1968), 20th anniversary of the National Day. It has been erected to show respect for his immortal exploits permeated in the university.

President founded Kim Il Sung University, a parent and first university for people, in spite of his busy days establishing party, state and army after liberation. He personally looked round Moran and Ryongnam Hills 3 times to find a most appropriate place for the university. He visited the university as much as 107 times to light up the way ahead of it and bestowed trust and love as much as possible to bring up the staff and students to become reliable backbones and revolutionary talents.

The statue portrays President leading staff and students by Juche-oriented ideology on education.

The base stone under the statue is made of granite monolith, which shows that the staff and students would succeed the revolutionary cause of Juche without slightest vacillation in any adversity on the road of following President and Chairman.

Statue of Chairman Kim Jong Il

The statue of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il

The statue of Chairman Kim Jong Il was unveiled on Oct 1, Juche102(2013), 67th founding anniversary of the university. It is in front of the e-library where he would study in his university days.

The statue portrays him holding a university cap in one hand, which shows that he had made a firm decision on Ryongnam Hill to become the genuine master for Korean revolution learning the President's great idea. He lived an ordinary life on school campus studying with other students, in production practice working on the lathe and Wasandong-Ryongsong road expansion project carrying things on shoulder poles and in Oundong military training camp. He brought staff and students up to become reliable pillars for the revolutionary cause of Juche.

His smiling face shown with firm conviction for and blessing on bright future of the university as well as unshakable faith and will to bring forward the era when the red glow of Juche will cover the earth.

The base stone is circle and weighs 60 tons to symbolize Sep 1 Juche 49(1960), the day when Chairman entered Kim Il Sung University. There are 91 flowers engraved on top of it and 67 in the lower part, reflecting the 67th founding anniversary.