Pak Hak Chol

Academician, Professor, Doctor

The First Deputy President of Kim Il Sung University

Pak Hak Chol

Pak Hak Chol was born in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province on 27th February, 1963. Having finished the secondary school two years earlier than a scheduled year, he enrolled in the Faculty of Physics, Kim Il Sung University in 1978. He finished the undergraduate course in 1985, went on to take a post-graduate course, and, after finishing it, worked as a lecturer of the university. He was appointed as dean of the Faculty of Physics in December, 2007, and has worked as the First Deputy President since 2021.

He received a doctor's degree in physics for his dissertation "Study on the State of Electron in Ion Crystal" in March, 2003. He pioneered the theoritical fields of modern science such as quantum theory of magnetism, superconductive microscopic theory and plasmon theory and undertook important research projects such as the study of phase change in strong correlative electrometer and high temperature superconductor and the study of electric or optical transport property in semi-conductor structure.

He has authored a number of textbooks and reference books including Statistical Physics, Quantum Theory of Solid, Problems of General Physics, Problems of Theoretical Physics and The Dictionary of Physics Terms.

His research results were highly appreciated by President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on several occasions