Kim Su Chol

Professor, Doctor

Head of German Literature Department, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature

Kim Su Chol

He was born in Central District of Pyongyang on April 11th, 1960.

He left the Foreign Languages School of Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies and entered the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, Kim Il Sung University in 1978.

After graduating from the university in 1983, he did the training course at Karl Marx University in Democratic Republic of Germany (at that time) until 1989 and since then he has been a German lecturer at Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of Kim Il Sung University.

He carried out some important research projects including the compilation of Samhung E-dictionary and the development of German-Korean machine translation program.

He presented the thesis with the title of "Study on the contemporary German stylistics" and was awarded the doctor of linguistics in 2015.

He has taught some subjects such as "German linguistics", "History of German literature", etc.

He wrote more than 10 textbooks and reference books including "History of German literature", "German linguistics 2", etc.

In March 2018, he submitted an essay "Possibility of discourse markers being applied in teaching" to the literary magazine (Transcript-publishing house ISSN1869-3660) of World German Literature Council.

As a member of World German Literature Council, he presented a number of essays on German literature and German-Korean machine translation program in several international seminars such as World German Literature Seminar.

He presented over 30 pieces of essays including "Historical study on the contemporary German stylistics" in domestic magazines.

He trained a Ph.D. and six MAs.

He was highly appraised by President Kim Jong Il and Comrade Kim Jong Un.