Im Song Jin

Professor, Doctor

Researcher, Faculty of Physics

Im Song Jin

He was born in Moran-Bong District, Pyongyang on July 13th, 1977.

He entered the Faculty of Physics , Kim Il Sung University in 1994 after graduating Pyongyang Middle School No. 1.

He graduated the university in 2000, and through the postgraduate course, has been working as a lecturer.

He was awarded the "February 16th Science and Technology Prize".

He published an international booklet "Non-linear Nano Optics" in "Springer" publisher, Germany in January, 2015.

He has published 30 or so significant SCI international papers so far including the publication of Nature Family magazine in January, 2016 and Nature Index in August, 2017.

He has newly developed the field of non-linear optics and raised up to the world level.

He is active as an international scientific judge in OSA, IEEE, Nature Publisher, Springer Publisher and Elsevier Publisher.

He is a scientist highly honored by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.