Yu Chol Jun

Doctor, Associate professor

Head of Material Designing Department, Faculty of Materials Science

Yu Chol Jun

He was born in Kumgang County, Kangwon Province on October 12th 1975.

He entered Kim Il Sung University in 1992.

After finishing the regular course and postgraduate course in 2003, he became a lecturer of the Faculty of Materials Science.

He is a winner of "February 16th Science and Technology Prize" of the DPRK.

He was awarded the degree of Doctor by dissertation titled "Atomistic Simulations for Material Processes within Multiscale Method" in 2012.

He is now in charge of teaching several subjects such as "Material calculation", "Applied quantum mechanics", etc.

He has written and published textbooks like "Quantum theory of multiple particles", "Applied quantum mechanics", "Theory of electromagnetic structure of material and calculation method", "Simulative experiment of material", etc.

He has finished 3-year postgraduate course in the faculty of material engineering in Ahen University of Technology (Germany) funded by Carl Benz Foundation.

He has studied on scholarship funded by Angotleve Dimula-Carl Benz Foundation for 3 years. After writing dissertation titled "Atomistic Simulations for Material Processes within Multiscale Method", he got the degree of doctor in material engineering.

He was appointed to be a member of committee for Asian conference of advanced materials science organized by International Association of Advanced Materials, and at the same time a member of International Association of Advanced Materials centered in Sweden in June 2016.

He has attended tens of international scientific conferences such as conferences held in cities of Germany and Brussels from 2006 to 2009 and international course for clean energy held in Changsha of China in 2017.

He has been invited to be a speaker to International scientific conference for the 5th Thomas Young Center Energy Material held in London, 2018.

He has published 30 papers including "An efficient virtual crystal approximation that can be used to treat heterovalent atoms, applied to (1-x)BiScO3-xPbTiO3" published on Journal of Physics of Royal Institution and other Science Citation Index magazines.

He has inspected several papers to be published on Nature Energy and ACS Omega.

He has trained 2 doctors and 8 Masters.