Candidate Academician, Professor, Doctor

Professor, Faculty of Korean Language and Literature

O Hui Bok

He was born in Central District, Pyongyang on Sep. 7, 1941.

He entered the Faculty of Korean Language and Literature, Kim Il Sung University in 1961, after his working career.

He is a Kim Il Sung Prize winner.

He played an important role in several research projects such as study on the ancient society of Korea.

He was awarded a Ph.D. degree in History (1990) with his dissertation "Study on the Facts of JinGuk-three Hans Relation mentioned in the Classical documents".

He lectures on several subjects including "Grammar of Chinese ideograph" and "Basis of National classics".

He also authored over 80 textbooks and reference books including "RiDu(Chinese characters used for their sound values to write Korean particles, endings and auxiliary verbs in order to facilitate the reading of Chinese texts)", "Stylistics of Chinese ideograph", "Literature heritage of Koguryo", "Introduction to National classics", "Historical story about Anguish of a grass widow" and "Anthology written by Female writers of many generations".

He presented his paper "Problems in Applying Modernity in translation of Chronicles of the Ri Dynasty", "Lexical and Grammatical characteristics of Korean ideograph", etc. in several international symposiums including The 4th Beijing Symposium for Korean Study.

He has been a guest lecturer in Yanbian University, China since 2015.

He published over 110 essays including "The Original Location of "Maunryong Monument" and "Hwangchoryong Monument" in the national academic journals.

He has supervised 6 doctoral and 25 MA dissertations.

He was highly praised by President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and Comrade Kim Jong Un for his achievement of scientific research.