Jin Hak Son


Professor, Faculty of Energy Science

Jin Hak Son

He was born in Sinhung County, South Hamgyong Province on July 11, 1974.

He graduated from the Faculty of Physics, Kim Il Sung University in 1997 and works as a professor of the Faculty of Energy Science .

He was awarded a DSc degree in Energy Science (2014) with his dissertation "Study on the Physical Properties of Metal and Intermetallic Compound by Precise AEAM".

He lectures on "Methods in Computational Physics".

He also authored several textbooks and reference books such as "EAM and its Application".

He published more than 10 essays in the international internet academic journals including "EAM Potentials for BCC, FCC and HCP Metals with Farther Neighbor Atoms".

He also published more than 40 essays in the national academic journals including "The Bi-vacancy Properties of HCP Metals by MAEAM".

He has supervised 2 MA dissertations.