Kim Un Nam

Doctor, Associate Professor

Researcher in the Department of International Economy Law, Faculty of Law

Kim Un Nam

Kim Un Nam was born in the Central District, Pyongyang on May 12, 1976. He finished secondary school in 1992 and enrolled in the Faculty of Law, Kim Il Sung University. After finishing undergraduate in 1998 and post-graduate course later, he began his teaching career in May 2002.

He got his Master's degree in law at Berlin Humboldt University for his dissertation "Jurisdiction of ICSID centred on the interest of developing countries". He got his PhD for a dissertation "Study on the international trade organization law" in January, 2016.

He currently lectures on "International Trade Law" and "International Arbitration Law".

He authored over ten textbooks and reference books including World Trade Organization Law and The World Trade Organization and Major Regional Economic Organizations. His paper "The development of business arbitration in the DPRK." was published in the German Internet journal (SchiedsVZ 2017 Heft2) in April, 2017. He presented a number of essays including "Foreign business arbitration system and resolving investment disputes in the DPRK." in the international seminars, Kim Il Sung University seminar and academic discussion between the Law Faculty of Kim Il Sung University and German Gi SSen University.

In December, 2019, as a visiting professor, he lectured on the Foreign Investment Law and foreign business arbitration practices at the University of Politics and Law of China and Chungryun Law office in China.

He published in domestic journals over 20 essays including "Main principles of the world trade organization law and legal problems".