Kang Pun I

Doctor, Associate Professor

Researcher of Archaeology Laboratory, Institute of National Heritage, Faculty of History

Kang Pun I

Kang Pun I was born in Wonsan, Kangwon Province on September 15th, 1982. After finishing a secondary school, she was admitted to the Faculty of Chemistry, Kim Il Sung University in 1999. She finished the undergraduate course in 2003 and went on to take a post-graduate course. After the post-graduate course, she began her career as a researcher in 2007. Later she took a post-doctoral course and finished it in 2020.

She undertook a number of important research projects in archaeometry to determine the age of several historic remains which were designated as national treasures, including the ones in Tongamdong, Sunchon City, South Phyongan Province, and to preserve the relics excavated in Rimhungdong well site of Koguryo in Taesong District, Pyongyang, and some other historical relics.

She got a doctor's degree in geology in 2016 for her dissertation "Study on the Quaternary Geological and Archaeological Age Determination by Improved Thermoluminescence Dating Device and Interpretation of Thermoluminescent Curves". She became an associate professor in January, 2021.

She lectures on Archaeometry and Conservation Science.

She has written several books including Interpretation of Thermoluminescent Curves, Preservation of Historical Sites and Relics and Thermoluminescence Dating of Historical Sites and Relics", and a textbook Field Archaeology.

She presented her paper "Thermoluminescence Dating of Paleolithic Relics in the Taedong River Basin" in the international symposium held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Kim Il Sung University, in 2016, and "The Recently Unearthed Tongamdong Site and the Long History of the Korean Nation" in Tumangang Symposium held in Yanbian University, China, in 2018.

She published "Thermoluminescence Dating of Stalactitic Calcite from the Early Palaeolithic Occupation at Tongamdong site" in 2018, "Age determination of the Neolithic Joohyondong Cave site in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea" in 2019, and "The age of the Palaeolithic sedimentary layer of Hyangmokri cave site in the Democratic People s Republic of Korea" in 2020 in Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, and "朝鮮新发现高句丽古井" in Chinese journal "发展教育学" in May, 2020.

She was invited to Yanbian University, China, for joint research in the field of archaeometry, from September to December, 2019.

She has published over 40 papers including "Application of Luminescent Dating in Archaeology" in several domestic academic journals.

She was nominated as one of the best researchers of the university in 2020.

Her research results were highly appreciated by Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on over 10 occasions.