Choe Kum Chun

Candidate Academician, Professor, Doctor

Lecturer of Department of Works of Comrades Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un, Faculty of Philosophy

Choe Kum Chun

Choe Kum Chun was born in Orang County of North Hamgyong Province on July 11, 1996. After secondary school, she enrolled in the Faculty of History, Kim Il Sung University in 1956. She graduated from the university in 1960 and has been working as a lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy since 1961.

She got a PhD for her dissertation "Development of the Revolutionary Ideas of the Preceding Working Classes through the Struggle against the Opportunism".

She lectures on several subjects including "Works of Comrades Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un".

She has authored more than 30 textbooks and reference books including Invincibility of Socialism and Songun and The Embodiment of Juche and National Characteristics and Songun Policy. She published a paper titled "The People-centred politics in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Its Brilliant Realization" on the magazine "Practice of Politics"(№ 936) in November, 2016.

She participated and presented her papers in several international symposiums and seminars including "International Symposium on Korean Studies", "Scholars' Seminar from North, South and Overseas", and "Solidarity Meeting with the Southeast Asian Women on the Issue of Comfort Women for the Japanese Army".

She published more than 200 papers such as "Juche-oriented Viewpoint and Standpoint on Different Classes" on national academic journals and magazines.

She has supervised over 20 dissertations including 5 PhDs.

Her writings were highly appreciated by President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on over 10 occasions.