The Printing House of Kim Il Sung University was established on June 12, 1947 under the care of President Kim Il Sung.

The Printing House consists of an administration office, a printing and plate-making team, a bookbinding and daily necessities team, a paper and cutting team, a maintenance and service team, and it has more than 80 employees.

The House is equipped with more than 30 printing and bookbinding pieces of equipment and more than 20 repairing pieces of equipment including two-color printers, a NC cutter, a NC paper folder, a UV coater, a photo-printer and a lithographic printer.

Today, it ensures the printing of over 120 000 copies of over 200 kinds of textbooks and references, various kinds of documents, large posters including sectional gazettes which are necessary for the education and scientific research of the university every year.