It was founded under the warm care and affection of President Kim Il Sung. He initiated to set up a printing house and sent many printing machines and apparatuses and gave a visit to the house on June 12, 1947.

It developed into a reliable factory which can print a sufficient amount of various textbooks and reference books necessary for education and research of the university under the warm care of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, in April 2017, saw to it that the house could be moved into a historic building marked with the footprints of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and gifted up-to-date printing machines.

There are administrative office, technology preparation office, cutting-off team, printing team (photoprinting and lithoprinting), binding team, paperwork team, repair team, cloth-covering team with 80 staffs.

The House is equipped with 2-color printers, NC cutter, NC paper folder, UV coater, photoprinter, lithoprinter and more than 50 printing machines and over 30 repair tools.

It is now carrying out its responsibility by printing textbook, reference books, documents and other large-scale posters such as Kim Il Sung University Newspaper, journals of different sections, collection of papers of international symposiums for education and research of the university.