It evolved from the editorial department of the university organized in November 1946 and opened on August 1, 1965.

It has become one of the complex pushing houses of education and publishing center of advanced education through the implementation of the education policy of the WPK and thesis on socialist education.

It's making a great contribution to the education of Kim Il Sung University and other universities and encouraging the development of science and technology of the country.

Its first publication was collection of papers of history printed in October 1949 and later "Journal of Kim Il Sung University" was published as a magazine of scientific theories in September 1956.

"Journal of Kim Il Sung University" is a magazine which includes the sci-tech successes of the professors and researchers of Kim Il Sung University.

Divided into two versions of social sciences and natural sciences, the journal had been regularly disseminated home and abroad with the features as befits a science magazine.

Noting that the journal should be selected as a magazine of special branches of science and developed into world level magazine, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, in his autographic letter sent to the professors, staffs and students on the occasion of 70th founding anniversary of the university, the university should publish high-standard journals, textbooks and reference books so that they are widely used at home while disseminating all across the country.

The Publishing House is conducting an active campaign to edit and publish the textbooks and reference books as befits the feature of world-level university and develop the "Journal of Kim Il Sung University" into a world level magazine.