The e-library of Kim Il Sung University was opened as a science library with the founding of the university in October 1946, and on April 12, 2010, the main building was wonderfully renovated as an e-library and expanded and developed as it is today.

Its main mission is to provide sci-tech materials necessary for the educational and scientific work of lecturers and researchers and studying activities of students, thus playing an important role as a central base of sci-tech information service.

It is a complex library that gives both e-documents and paper documents service, and it consists of an e-browsing service department specializing in various kinds of e-documents, a lending service department for lending paper documents, a journal reading department, a book-keeping management department, and a department of collection and classification.

It also has information data offices and IT research offices for digitalizing books, building database and developing by itself programs needed for service, management and operation based on computer. There is also a network operation office which is responsible for computer networks and servers. And IT researchers are conducting research such as program development.

People can browse e-documents through the library homepage and the e-library has computer data communication network at several GB-level for itself and the campus of the university.

It has electronic and paper stocks for social science books such as politics, economics and culture and natural science books such as maths, physics, chemistry and biology, and shares data with the Sci-Tech Complex and the Grand People's Study House online.

Tens of thousands of people are using information of the e-library every day.