Kim Il Sung University's e-library houses a significant proportion of the digitized resources of printed materials accessible by means of computers in service of campus population; it functions as a hub of university-wide information infrastructures, a center of propagating scientific and technological achievements, and as a central portal for educational resource databases as well.

The construction of the world-class e-library was initiated and cared for by Chairman Kim Jong Il.

His ideas on March 19th 2009 to turn the main building into the e-library was soon acclaimed and followed by massive input of leading manpower in IT expertise and architecture design he dispatched to solve all problems in its construction. When its construction was completed, he came out to the finished e-library on April 12 2010 look around on-line reading halls and other facilities and felt greatly satisfied.

The e-library administration comprises various service and research sections such as on-line reading service, network management laboratory, digital database section, software laboratory and so on.

On-line reading service caters for varied reading needs of faculty and students as avid readers for research and learning purposes.

Network management laboratory runs and improves the established network infrastructure such as servers and LANs for fail-safe running of university's website and other the library services.

Digital database section manages the library's digital resources by organizing a vast collection of electronic database together with their metadata accessible to users on the campus.

Software laboratory develops network-related software to bolster networking, security environment and equipment maintenance.

The e-library keeps data-sharing with Sci-Tech Complex, Grand People's Study House, Kim Chaek University of Technology and other nation's leading research and educational institutions in service of the library users' wider access to knowledge.