Ryongnamsan Law Office was established in 2017.

The main service of Ryongnamsan Law Office, where lecturers and researchers of the Law Faculty of Kim Il Sung University work as in-service lawyers, is to give defense and legal assistance for resolving various legal issues arising from institutions, enterprises, organizations and citizens in the country and foreign citizens and legal persons. And it also conducts affairs of writing, developing and serving legal books and programs, and of training practical abilities of lecturers, researchers, postgraduates and students of the Law Faculty.

Ryongnamsan Law Office aims to establish the atmosphere of observing law in the country by rendering comprehensive legal services such as consultation, litigation and arbitration agency, legal advice on various legal issues including disputes, and conduct legal affairs for the management of enterprises and the protection of rights and interests of citizens, while it contributes to the realization of reasonable socio-economic management and the implementation of foreign economic policy of the state by ensuring the legal stability and effectiveness of foreign economic trading and the activation of economic special zones established in different provinces and regions.

It is currently the largest legal office in our country, consisting of more than 60 lecturers and researchers qualified as in-service lawyers who specialize in various disciplines such as civil law, business law, real estate law, real estate renting law, contracting law, law on right to intellectual property, stock law, code of civil procedure, administrative law, insurance law, labor law, law on protection of environment, criminal law, criminal procedure, law on economic development zone, tax law, trade law, international law, international arbitration law, international financial law, international investment law, etc.

Its lecturers and researchers qualified as in-service lawyers work not only as agents of litigation and arbitration, but also as in-service arbitrators of the state, solving many disputes arising in our country and other countries.