Jinung Trading Corporation

Jinung Trading Corporation is developing excellent intellectual products by conducting trade activities to improve educational conditions and environment of the university, developing the latest technologies capable of surpassing the world and introducing them into the production and integrating scientific research and production.

It was formed on May 24, 1995. In the early days, it conducted affairs to supply paper for textbooks, lab-testing equipment and reagents by selling medicines and other products produced at the university at home and abroad.

It established branches and joint research bases in other countries in conformity with the requirements of the reality and the developing world trend in which the proportion of technical trade increases dramatically and inducted elite talents of the university to actively develop programs and various kinds of metallic and non-metallic materials, thus improving their scientific research and development ability and laying bases and foundations for high-tech development abroad.

In recent years, it has pushed ahead with the work to realize the integration of education, scientific research and production and introduce scientific research achievements developed in other countries based on the actual conditions of the DPRK, thus setting up high-tech intellectual products development and production units including an intelligence development institute, a solar panel manufactory, a diamond cutting tools manufactory, an intelligence paint manufactory and a workshop for producing intelligence biological product in the DPRK, conducting joint research and development with lecturers and researchers in the university and ensuring practices of postgraduates and students of the university.

Jinung Trading Corporation has one research institute (an intelligence development institute), four intellectual products production units (a solar panel manufactory, a workshop for producing intelligence biological product, an intelligence paint manufactory, a diamond cutting tools manufactory), a practice ground for testing intelligence applied mineral, a trading branch and five joint research bases.

E-mail: Jinungmoy@star.co.net.kp

Jinung Institute of IT Development

Jinung Institute of IT Development is developing, introducing and selling IT products capable of actively promoting information technologies of the national economy and gaining supremacy in the international technological trading market.

It also establishes its own IT talent education system, develops the latest IT products at home and uses knowledge and experience accumulated in the process to conduct technical trades at joint research bases abroad.

The institute puts main stress on developing web application programs, computer and cellphone games, image recognition-related technologies such as face recognition and car number recognition based on deep learning, object internet base, embedded driven program development technology, and network security-related products.

Jinung Photovoltaic Manufactory

Jinung Photovoltaic Manufactory is developing and introducing solar energy products on the basis of natural energy production technologies, which is a world trend.

The manufactory will play a key role in achieving zero carbon generation in the near future by increasing the production of electricity based on natural energy.

It is now building a solar power plant with a capacity of thousands of kilowatts and leading the construction of a solar power plant with a capacity of tens of thousands of kilowatts per year.

Jinung Biological Product Manufactory

Jinung Workshop for Producing Biological Product is developing, producing and selling new products including various health foods and medicines, physiological activators, agrochemicals and bio-fertilizers on the basis of the latest successes in life sciences.

It is also conducting research on breeding new seed based on genetic recombination simulation technology.

Jinung Paint Manufactory

Jinung Paint Manufactory is producing various kinds of paints including water paints and oily paints by diversifying painting products.

It is producing dozens of kinds of painting products including plastic floor paints and organic delible paint for interior and exterior, various kinds of decorative paints including multicolored and metallic coatings, and functional paints including antistatic coatings.

Jinung Diamond-Tools Manufactory

Jinung Diamond Cutting Tools Manufactory is developing, producing and introducing special products with tools made of metal powder, molds and designs based on various kinds of metal powders by closely integrating education, scientific research and production.

It is not only raising qualities of existing products and introducing them in a large scale but also developing new products including special steel grinding wheels capable of grinding various kinds of hard alloys. It has developed a new stone-working diamond tool material of high performance and is preparing for producing thousands of diamond cutting tools per year.

Jinung Practice Ground for Testing Applied Mineral

Jinung Practice Ground for Testing Applied Mineral ensures educational and experimental conditions related to geological surveys, mineral analysis and concentrating, smelting, reducing ecological environment of lecturers, researchers, postgraduates and students of our university for integrating education, scientific research and production. It is researching and introducing new ways of concentrating and smelting with waste residue as a starting material in conformity with the world trend of environmental protection and recycling.

It is also conducting research to develop various products with waste ore from the smelting process.