Ryongnamsan Intellectual Property Office(RIPO)

Ryongnamsan Intellectual Property Office, as an intellectual property organization, is responsible for representing copyright and patent affairs and distributing intellectual products, and exchanges copyrights with international organizations including the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and other copyright management organizations, universities and scientific research institutes of other countries.

Ryongnamsan Intellectual Property Office(RIPO)

It was established in 2017 as an intellectual property organization responsible for protecting and distributing intellectual properties including new technologies, designs, novels, film scenarios and programs created by lecturers, researchers, postgraduates and students of Kim Il Sung University, and for representing patents and copyrights.

It is a copyright management organization for the comprehensive and unified management of various types of properties created at the university, and a service organization for dealing with copyright-related affairs of copyright holders and management organizations and representing patents at home and abroad.

Its activities and services include:

-converting various types of properties into products, accelerating their distribution and usage to facilitate creative activities of producers and developers;

-realizing the right to intellectual properties of the university by registering all properties created at the university as intangible assets and launching affairs of copyright registry and copyright certificate issue, protecting legal rights and benefits of producers and developers by preventing infringement of rights and resolving disputes

-raising awareness of intellectual properties and intellectual copyrights including the organization of practical training courses and seminars and the operation of network homepages

-doing various information services and advisory services to stimulate creation, distribution, and use of properties

-working with WIPO and other international organizations, universities and research institutions to promote joint projects, joint or contracted developments, co-publishing and commissioned copyright management and other external transaction related to intellectual properties protection

-preparing regulation drafts for investigation and evaluation reports on the global trend of social development, the state of economic development of the country, the state of intellectual resources and developmental potential of the university, and for the management of intellectual properties, presenting the drafts to the non-permanent intellectual copyright association of the university, recommending and supplementing them

-publicizing achievements created and developed at the university through various kinds of media and press measures

E-mail: ip-office@ryongnamsan.edu.kp