President Kim Il Sung gave field guidance to Kim Il Sung University on July 1, Juche 44 (1955) and saw to it that a hospital equipped with modern medical facilities and wards was built.

As a result, a 25-bed hospital was opened in the university campus and more than 20 medical workers and staff members began to work.

Currently, there are more than 90 doctors and nurses at the university hospital, and there are more than 10 medical departments including surgery, internal treatment, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and ENT and cervical treatment, dermatology, Koryo medicine, dentistry, house to house department, neuropathy, prophylactic departments No. 2 and 3, X-ray, reception, laboratory, functional diagnosis, etc and it has 110 beds now.

The university hospital has 40-odd treatment rooms, one operating room, 20-odd wards, a functional recovery room, a pharmacist's, a medicine workshop, a dining hall, a bathroom, toilets and all other facilities for the treatment of patients.


The number of surgeries is about 500 per year and medicines are regularly supplied by the National Medicines Administration, while some medicines are produced by the hospital itself.

Thanks to the care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the hospital is equipped with various kinds of modern functional diagnostic equipment such as an e-endoscope, an a abdomen ultrasonic examiner, an ECG, an electromyogram and an electroencephalogram, and the X-ray examiner has been modernized as required by the development of modern medicine.

The hospital has appointed doctors in charge of every faculty and unit and has enhanced their sense of responsibility and role to provide effective assistance to the health promotion and medical treatment of teaching staff and students.