The Advanced Research Institute of Social Sciences

The Advanced Research Institute of Social Sciences (ARISS) primarily aims at training exceptional scientists in social sciences, particularly those who are capable of leading interdisciplinary academic research and nation's top-priority research projects, as well as pioneering new areas of study, with high sense of devotion to the Workers' Party of Korea and the leader. It is a post-doctoral research and training cnetre designed to train world-class scientists who are capable of pioneering and developing cutting-edge and interdisciplinary areas of study in the fields of social science.

The Institute admits researchers under 45 who are either PhDs or have just finished a PhD dissertation, and who are capable of undertaking cutting-edge or interdisciplinary research projects, or are currently working on projects of national or international importance.

The training of a research fellow lasts for 3 to 5 years. It involves academic guidance and supervision by scholars of Kim Il Sung University and other universities or research institutions, joint research with well-known scholars at home and abroad, scholar exchange programs abroad and self-studies.

Since March 2001, scores of research fellows recognized by the world academic communities have been trained in the institute.

The institute also runs on-the-job or correspondence programs for overseas Koreans and foreigners.