Research Institute of Social Sciences

The mission of the Research Institute of Social Sciences is to train promising world-class scholars who are boundlessly loyal to the Party and the leader and able to play a leading and central role in conducting interdisciplinary research and creating new fields of study of world class as well as in carrying out a state-assigned research.

The institute is a research center and a training center for talented scientists who are capable of creating and developing cutting-edge and interdisciplinary areas of study in the fields of social science.

It admits promising scholars under 45 who hold a Ph. D. degree or finished their doctoral thesis and those who are engaged in cutting-edge research and creating new fields of science as well as those engaged in research of national and international significance.

It trains scholars for 3-5 years.

The mode of training involves providing academic guidance by scholars from Kim Il Sung University and other universities and research institutes, joint research with distinguished scholars home and abroad, overseas training and so on.

So far, it has trained some 60 world-known scholars since March 2001.

It also has correspondence course for overseas compatriots and foreigners.