The predecessor of the Institute of Educational Science was Education Method Research Unit, which was founded on December 1986, incorporated into Education School on April 2015, separated from the School in September, 2018 to have the present name of the Institute for Educational Science (IES).

The IES addresses a wide range of educational issues relating to drawing up the University's long-term development plans and strategies and implementing the Party's educational policies as well as the University's long-term development plans.

The IES's research areas encompass:

● comparing and assessing education programs of the University and other top-ranking universities of other countries in order to promote the University's teaching quality and study programs,

● exploring new teaching methodologies and introducing them across the country's teaching community,

● researching and applying up-to-date educational science and educational technology so as to make education more scientific-and information-based and thereby to improve the quality of education,

● examination and evaluation of the educational research tasks of the faculty members, and

● examination and evaluation relating to various kinds of diplomas awarded in recognition of achievement in educational science.