The faculty functions mainly to further develop the mechanics, a basic engineering discipline, in keeping with the demands of new era and to offer basic and design training for mechanic engineering and other related disciplines. In addition it takes full charge of scientific and technical research into machine manufacturing industry.

Derived from the Faculty of Mathematics & Dynamics the faculty was newly created in 2010.

It consists of 6 departments(Elasto-Plastic Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, General Dynamics, Complex Material Mechanics, Aerospace, Mechanical Control Engineering) and for laboratories(Wind Power, Hydraulic Power, Mechanical Engineering, Aircraft Engine)

Courses offered by the faculty are dynamics, mechanic engineering and aerodynamics.

Main subjects include theoretical mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, basics of automatic control, vibrational theory, hydraulics, flight dynamics, fluid machine, damage dynamics, integrated dynamics, satellite dynamics, gas dynamics, robotic dynamics and multi-body dynamics

The faculty is staffed by 60 professionals including one candidate academician, lecturers and researchers including 10 Ph. D. holders. Over 20 of them are professors or associate professors.

Total student enrollment is over 600.