The main purpose of this faculty is to further develop the mechanics, a basic engineering discipline, in keeping with the demands of the new era and to offer basic and design training for mechanical engineering and other related disciplines. In addition it takes full charge of scientific and technical research into mechanical engineering, fluid engineering, structural engineering and thermal engineering.Derived from Faculty of Mathematics & Dynamics Faculty it was established in 2010.It consists of 4 departments(Department of Elasto-Plasticity Mechanics, Department of Fluid Mechanics, Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Department of Composite Mechanics) and one institute(Institute of Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Vibration Laboratory, Mechanical Design Laboratory, Mechanical Control Laboratory, Fluid Machine Laboratory) and one independent laboratory(Structural Engineering Laboratory).Courses offered are Course of Dynamics and Course of Mechanical Engineering. Typical subjects include “Theoretical Mechanics”, “Material Mechanics”, “Fluid Mechanics”, “Vibration Engineering”, “Elasticity Mechanics”, “Fluid Engineering”, “Introduction to Mechanical Engineering”, “Computer Assisted Mechanical Design”, etc. Faculty is staffed by 80 members including two candidate academician, lecturers and researchers including 10 Ph. D. holders. Over 30 of them are professors or associate professors.Total student enrollment is about 800.