Faculty of Materials Science

Faculty of Materials Science focuses on the student as an active participant in the learning process with profound knowledge of major subjects as well as deep and detailed understanding of both fundamental subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry etc) and relevant sciences (mechanics, electronics, AUTN, AI etc). It offers students rigorous courses to acquire professional ability to meet scientific and technological challenges in their major field.

The faculty also performs an important role in the development of national economy, providing high-quality and highly demanding materials and their manufacturing technology using domestic resources.

Faculty of Materials Science was established in 2010 by combining several departments from Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Chemistry, related to microelectronics, solid state physics, metallurgy and chemistry of materials.

The faculty consists of 4 institutes (Institute of Metallic Materials, Institute of Functional Materials, Institute of Nanomaterials, Institute of Semiconductor Engineering) with 3 laboratories for each and one department (Department of Materials Design).

More than 110 staffs including a candidate academician and over 30 professors and associate professors with PhD qualification, are teaching more or less 800 students in undergraduate and graduate courses. These courses are based on a single curriculum of materials science.

The faculty is distinguished by exemplary teaching of subjects such as Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering, Thermodynamics of Materials, Physical Properties of Materials, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Analysis of Materials, Computational Physics of Materials, Physico-chemistry, Chemistry of Materials Synthesis, Metallic Materials, Functional Materials, Materials for Semiconductors, Composite Materials, Nanomaterials and so on.