Faculty of Materials Science

The main purpose of this faculty is to train the experts on materials science with creative ability who possess the broad expert knowledge and scientific research methods as well as the basic knowledge in maths, physics and chemistry and who can develop and apply the new materials. And its purpose is also to improve the quality of materials by using the national resources efficiently, promoting the national defence industry by developing materials which there is no or little in our country, thus playing the leading role in consolidating the national power by satisfying the needs of all domains of the national economy.

Faculty of Materials Science was established in Juche 99(2010) on the basis of solid state physics section and metal physics section from Physics Faculty.

There are 8 departments(Department of Materials Design, Department of Metal Materials, Department of Nano Materials, Department of Non-Organic & Non-Metal Materials, Department of Composite Materials, Department of Material Chemistry, Department of Semiconductor Materials Engineering, Department of Aerospace Materials Engineering) and 2 laboratories(Laboratory of Materials Information, Laboratory of Functional Materials).

As sub-disciplines, there are Materials Science and Aerospace Materials Engineering.

The typical subjects are Materials Analysis, Computational Materials, Nano-Materials Chemistry, Thermodynamics of Materials, Semiconductor Materials, Integrated Circuit Process, Composite Materials, Carbon Nanomaterials, Metal Materials, Functional Magnetic Materials, Special Course in Materials Design, Dielectric Materials, Nano Measurement Technology, Nano-Materials Chemistry, Magnetic Materials and etc.

About 60 lecturers and researchers are working in the faculty including around 20 doctors. Of all, there are some 20 lecturers with academic titles like professor and assistant professor.

About 500 students are studying in this faculty.