The mission of the Faculty as a centre of law education is to train core personnels in the field of law possessed of academic, creative and practical abilities with which to solve theoretical and practical legal problems with regard to the work of the government, judicial and prosecutorial organs, international issues and international relations, and formulation and execution of laws. It also undertakes research into completion of the theories of state building and law and explains them skillfully so as to meet the requirements of the building of a thriving socialist country, thus contributing to the establishment of a legal order and a law-abiding atmosphere throughout the country.

With the foundation of the university in 1946, it made a start as the Faculty of Law including the departments of law and economics. One year later in 1947, it was renamed the Faculty of Economics and Law, from which was separated the Faculty of Law in 1949. It merged with the Faculty of Philosophy in 1976 to form the Faculty of Philosophy and Law. It became independent again as the Faculty of Law in 1980 before it was promoted to the College of Law in 1999. In 2019, it was renamed the Faculty of Law.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty has six departments, which include the Department of Political Science, the Department of Jurisprudence, the Department of Public Administration Law, the Department of Criminal Law, the Department of Civil Law, the Department of Legal Cybernetics, and two research institutes (Institute of International Law, Institute of Law).

It offers two courses in jurisprudence and international law.

The main subjects include "Constitutional law", "Legislation", "Labour Law", "Civil Law", "Stock Law", "Criminal Law", "Criminal Procedure Law", "International Law", "International Treaty Law", "Law on International Civil Procedure", "Law on Foreign Trade", "Foreign Civil Law", "Law on International Trade", "International Arbitration Law", "International Private Law" and "Law on Criminal Investigation".

It has a staff of about 90 lecturers and researchers including one candidate academician and 30 PhDs. 50 of them have professorship or associate professorship.

It has some 1 200 students.