Faculty of Global Environment Science

The basic mission of this faculty is to train creative and practical talents capable of solving the scientific and technological problems arising in the investigation, exploitation, use and protection of the country's resources and environment, and contribute to the sustainable development of the country by evaluating, predicting, protecting and managing the resources and environment and by making the effective use of them.

It was established as Faculty of Geography in 1949 with the Geography Department established within Faculty of History and Literature in 1947 as the parent body. In 2004, it was renamed Faculty of Global Environment Science.

In Faculty, there are 5 departments(Physical Geography Department, Land Planning Department, Hydrology Department, Marine Sciences Department, and Tideland Department) and 3 institute(Ecology & Environment Institute, Geospatial Information Institute, Meteorological Institute).

There are courses of Earth and Environment Science, Land Management, Ecology & Environment, Hydrometeorology and Oceanography.

Faculty of Global Environment Science

The typical subjects are "Introduction to Global Environment Science", "Geomorphology", "Land Plan Support Design", "Land Management", "Environmental Science", "Environmental Impact Assessment", "Cartography", "Meteorology", "Weather Forecasting", "Hydrology", "River Dynamics", "Introduction to Oceanography", "Marine Environment Protection", "Geographical Information System", "Tideland Science", "Coastal Engineering", "Surveying", etc.

There are some 150 lecturers and researchers in this faculty including 2 candidate academicians and about 40 doctors. 40 of them have the academic titles of professor and associate professor.

About 1 000 students are studying in this faculty.