Faculty of Resource Science

The main purpose of this faculty is train the talents, needed in defining the nation's geological structure, discovering all the underground resources and making good use of them and to conduct the scientific researches for the contribution to the foundations for the nation self-supporting economy.

At the time of foundation of Kim Il Sung University, there was Geology Department in the Faculty of Technology. In July, Juche 37(1948), the Faculty of Technology was separated from the university into Pyongyang University of Technology(now Kim Chaek University of Technology). From September, Juche 37(1948), the Faculty of Geography began to give lectures on geology in Kim Il Sung University. In September, Juche 44(1955), the Department of Geology was organized as well as 5-year sub-discipline on geology and in Juche 50(1961), the Faculty of Geology was established.

There are 8 departments(Geology Department, Paleontology Department, Department Marine Geology, Department of Economic Geology, Hydrogeology Department, Department of Mineralogy & Petrology, Department of Geophysical Prospecting, Geochemistry Department) and 3 laboratories(Geoinformation Laboratory, Laboratory of Mineral Material, Laboratory of Geological Survey).

As sub-discipline, there are Geology, Applied Resources and Building Geology.

The typical subjects are Fundamentals of Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, Geophysical Prospecting, Marine Geology, Hydrogeology, Structural Geology, Korean Geology, Geoinformatics, Paleontology, Geochemistry, Geological Prospecting, Mineral Processing, Building Geology, Underground Resources of Korea, Plate Tectonics and etc.

About 110 lecturers and researchers are working in the faculty including 2 candidate academicians and 20 doctors. Of all, there are some 30 lecturers with academic titles like professor and assistant professor.

About 600 students are studying in this faculty.