The main mission of the Faculty of Forest Science is to train talents in the forest sector who can play a pivotal role in turning all forests of the country into useful golden mountains and treasure mountains, improving forest conservation management and raising forest science up to the world level.

It was established as a forest science college in 2016 and was renamed as the Faculty of Forest Science in October 2019.

The faculty has five departments (Department of Forest Breeding, Forestation Department, Department of Forest Conservation, Department of Forest Informatics, Department of Forest Management), two laboratories (Laboratory of Forest Science, Laboratory of Plant Propagation) and a Phosphoric forest practice laboratory.

The course includes forest science course and forest management course.

Typical subjects are Forestation Science, Forest Conservation, Forest Breeding, Tree Physiology, Forest Botany, Forest Ecology, Forest Management, Forest Pedology, Forest Mensuration, Forest Seed-gathering, Forest Breeding, Cultivation of Economic Plants, Phytopathology, Forest Entomology, Forest Fire prevention, Forest Management, Forest Informatics, Topographical Information Analysis and Horticulture.

More than 50 staffs including a candidate academician and over 20 professors and associate professors with PhD qualification, are teaching more or less 800 students in undergraduate and graduate courses.