The faculty aims to train professionals in forestry who are capable of playing a pivotal role in restoring the forest of the country at an earliest day possible and bring forest science up to world level.

The College of Forest Science was founded in 2016, now named as the Faculty of Forest Science.

It consists of 5 departments(Forest Breeding, Forestation, Forest Conservation, Forest Information, Forest Management) and a Laboratory of Forest Science

Two courses offered by the faculty are Forest Science and Forest Management.

Main subjects are Forestation Science, Forest Conservation, Forest Breeding, Tree Physiology, Forest Botany, Forest Mensuration, Forest Seed-Gathering, Silviculture, Cultivation of Economic Plants, Phytopathology, Forest Entomology, Forest Fire Prevention, Forest Management, Forest Informatics, Satellite Image Processing for Forest, Topographical Information Analysis, Forest Enterprise Strategy, Forest Economics, Forest Planning, Forest Trade, Forest Statistics, Forest Administration Informatics and Forest Finance Accounting.

The faculty is staffed by more than 40 professionals including one candidate academician, 10 Ph. D. holders and over 40 lecturers and researchers, 10 of whom are professors or associate professors.

Total enrollment of students is over 400.