Faculty of Foreign Languages & Literature

The mission of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature is to train foreign relations specialists, diplomats, international relations specialists with professional knowledge of politics, economy, history and culture of foreign countries and regions as well as their languages, and to teach foreign languages to all the students of the university.

At the time of the foundation of the Kim Il Sung University, the department of Russian language and literature was responsible for Russian teaching for both major students and non-major students. On September 1st, Juche38(1949), when a number of faculties of social sciences were separated from the Faculty of History, a faculty of foreign languages and literature was formed comprising Russian department and English department.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature has twelve departments, which include English Language & Literature Department, Russian Language & Literature Department, Chinese Language & Literature Department, German Language & Literature Department, French Language & Literature Department, English Language Department No.1, English Language Department No.2, Russian Language Department, Chinese Language Department, Japanese Language Department, Foreign Literature Department and Department of foreign languages information.

It offers courses in English Language & Literature, Russian Language & Literature, Chinese Language & Literature, German Language & Literature, French Language & Literature, Japanese Language and Literature.

The main subjects concern foreign languages and literature and history of international relations.

The Faculty of Philosophy has a staff of 130 lecturers and researchers including one candidate academician and twenty Doctors of Philosophy. Sixty of them are professors and associate professors.

It has about 900 students.