The main mission of Faculty of Finance is to educate theoretical and practical experts who can devotedly contribute to the building of socialist economy, to strengthen the financial management in our country and to study the world trend in finance sector and theoretical and practical issues to respond to that trend.

In 2010, the faculty was derived from Faculty of Economics to be College of Finance and was renamed Faculty of Finance in October 2019.

Faculty of Finance consists of 5 departments(namely Department of Public Finance, Department of Finance, Department of Accounting, Department of International Finance, Department of Financial Information) and 1 study room(Study Room for Finance).

There are Public Finance Course, Finance Course, International Financial Course.

Typical subjects are "Public Finance", "Finance", "International Finance", "Accounting", "Financial Modeling", "Insurance", "Introduction to Financial Capital", "Analysis to Accounts",

There are 60 teaching staff including 10 doctors. 10 of the teaching staff have academic title of professor or associate professor.

About 900 students are studying at the faculty.