The main mission of the faculty is to train talents with a wide range of basic knowledge, specialty knowledge and practical application capabilities in the field of energy science, and to solve the scientific and technological problems arising in the use of radioactive isotopes and radiation, nuclear technology applications and the development of new energy.

It was established in September 1982.

The Faculty of Energy Science has three departments (nuclear physics department, computational nuclear physics department, plasma physics department), two institutes (nuclear technology research institute, nuclear chemistry research institute), and two independent laboratories (accelerator research laboratory, nuclear information research laboratory).

The course includes nuclear physics, radiochemistry, plasma physics, and nuclear materials.

The typical subjects are "atomic physics", "data structure and algorithms", "basic nuclear physics", "quantum mechanics", "computational methods in nuclear physics", "plasma physics", "radiochemistry", "nuclear materials science", etc.

The Department of Energy Science has more than 130 teachers and researchers including two candidate academicians and 20 doctors, of whom more than 40 are professors and associate professors.

About 900 students are enrolled in the faculty.