The main purpose of this faculty is to train the experts with practical abilities who possess a wide variety of basic and expert knowledge on this field and solve the problems, occurred on using radioisotope, applying nuclear technology and developing several kinds of energy.

This faculty was established in September, Juche 71(1982).

There are 6 departments(Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Reactor Physics, Plasma Physics, Radiochemistry, Nuclear Materials, Information Physics) and 1 institute(Institute of Atomic Energy).

As sub-disciplines, there are Nuclear Physics, Radiochemistry, Plasma Physics and Nuclear Material.

The typical subjects are Classic Dynamics, Atomic Physics, Common Spectroscopy, Fundamentals of Nuclear Physics, Quantum Physics, Computational Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Electronics, Solid State Physics and etc.

About 120 lecturers and researchers are working in the faculty including 2 candidate academician and around 10 doctors. Of all, there are some 30 lecturers with academic titles like professor and assistant professor.

About 600 students are studying in this faculty.