Faculty of Electronics and Automation

The main mission of the Faculty of Electronics and Automation is to train competent and practical personnel with profound expertise, manifold knowledge, high exploration ability and application ability by giving education in the fields of applied electronics, automation engineering and system management Science in line with the world developing trend in the field of electronic automation.

The Faculty of Electronics and Automation was established in 2010, separated from the college of Computer Science.

The Faculty of Electronics and Automation has four institutes (Applied Electronics Research Institute, Institute of Automation Engineering, Institute of Mechatronics, Institute of System Management Science) and one independent laboratory (Automation Device Development Laboratory).

The course includes the Department of Electronic Information Engineering, Automation Engineering, Mechatronics, and System Management science.

Typical subjects are Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control Theory, Microprocessor Unit, Measurement Engineering, Soft Computing, Power Electronics, Analogue Circuit, Digital Signal Processing, Modern Control, Intelligent Control, System Modeling, Intelligent Optimization, and System Control and Operation.

The Faculty of Electronics and Automation has over 120 teachers and researchers including 10 with PhD qualifications. Among them there are more than 40 masters of the academic degree of professor and associate professor.

More than 900 students are studying in the faculty.