Faculty of Electronics and Automation

The faculty functions to offer professional education in electronic information, automatic engineering, system management and avionics in keeping with the world-wide trend in electronics and automation to train the professionals who can take over and oversee the scientific and technical matters in electronics and automation.

The Faculty of Automation which was created in 1977 was upgraded to the college of computer science in 199, from which the Faculty of Electronics and Automation was derived in 2010.

The faculty is made up of 7 departments (Automatic Control, Cybernetic Control, System Management, Computer Controlled System, Electronic Information, Information Measurement, Avionics) and 5 laboratories(CNC, Automation Device, mechanic electronics, Power Electronics, CIMS).

Courses offered by the faculty are electronic informatics, automatic engineering, system management and avionics

Subjects taught in the faculty are Electronic Engineering, Automatic Control Theory, Microprocessor Unit, Information Measurement, Analogue Circuit, Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics, Optimal Control, Cybernetic Control, Soft Computing, Motor System Control, Measuring Sensor, Modern Control Theory, System Control & Operation.

The faculty is staffed by more than 70 lecturers and researchers, 10 of whom are Ph. D. holders and 20 of whom are professors or associate professor.

Student enrollment is over 700.