Nonlinear optical effects in nanostructures


In the group of Nonlinear Nano-optics we focus on exploring functional nanostructured materials wioupth novel linear and nonlinear electromagnetic properties for applications related to low energy consumption devices, clean energy, environment and biomedicine and unravelling their underlying principles.

Our research covers diverse functional nanostructured systems, including: solar cells, plasmonic photocatalysts, graphene based devices, nanoscale optical switches, modulators, routers, directional couplers, isolators and logic gates, magnetoplasmonic components, plasmonic dimer cavity sensor, plasmonic metamolecules, core-shell nanorods, metal nanocomposites and photonic crystal fibers.

We study their linear and nonlinear optical properties, monochromatic and ultrafast properties, optoelectronic properties, magneto-optical properties and opto-magnetic properties.

We welcome researchers and students from all of the world to join us to conduct research on the interaction of light with nanostructured materials for global applications related to low energy consumption devices, biomedicine, clean energy and environment.

We are recruiting tenured faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, Ph. D. students. Distinguished researchers can also be part of the program through its associate memberships.

1. Manipulating of light on nanoscales based on plasmonic excitations in metal nanostructures

Plasmonic amplifcation and suppression in nanowaveguide coupled to gain-assisted high-quality plasmon resonances(Laser Physics Letters 12, 045902 (2015))

Plasmonic phase modulator based on novel loss-overcompensated coupling between nanoresonator and waveguide (Scientific Reports 6, 18660 (2016))

Actively phase-controlled coupling between plasmonic waveguides via in-between gain-assisted nanoresonator:nanoscale optical logic gates(Optics Letters 41, 16, 3739 (2016))

Nanoscale Optical Directional Coupler (Plasmonics 12, 1741-1747 (2017))

2. Magnetoplasmonics for low-energy consumption and high-speed active devices

Magnetically-tunable cutoff in asymmetric thin metal film plasmonic Waveguide(Applied Physics Letters 111, 071102 (2017))

Switchable plasmonic routers controlled by external magnetic fields by using magneto-plasmonic waveguides(Scientific Reports 8, 10584 (2018)])

Ultracompact high-contrast magneto-optical disk resonator side-coupled to a plasmonic waveguide and switchable by an external magnetic field (Physical Review B 98, 041406(R) (2018))

3. Plasmon-induced inverse Faraday effects for low-energy consumption and ultrafast magnetic recording

Third-order nonlinearity by the inverse Faraday effect in planar magnetoplasmonic structures[Physical Review B 96, 165437 (2017)]

All-optical magnetization switching by counterpropagataion or two-frequency pulses using the plasmon-induced inverse Faraday effect in magnetoplasmonic structures[Physical Review B 99, 041401(R) (2019)]

4. Graphene based devices

Magnetoplasmonic isolators based on graphene waveguide ring resonators[Physical Review B 100, 041405(R) (2019)]

Nanoscale magnetization and third-order nonlinearity by the plasmon-induced inverse Faraday effect in graphene covered semiconductors[Physical Review B 100, 155404 (2019)]

5. Nonlinear optical properties of metal nanocomposites and nanowaveguides

All-optical control in metal nanocomposites due to a reversible transition between local field enhancement and local field depression upon irradiation by ultrashort control-pulses of light[Laser Physics 24, 045901 (2014)]

Nonlinearity of surface-plasmon polaritons in sub-wavelength metal nanowires[Optics Express 24, 6162 (2016)]

6. Plasmon-enhanced high-order harmonic generations

Theory of plasmon-enhanced high-order harmonic generation in the vicinity of metal nanostructures in noble gases[Physical Review A 83, 043839 (2011)]

7. Nonlinear optical effects in gas-filled photonic crystal fibers

Guiding properties and dispersion control of kagome lattice hollow-core photonic crystal fibers[Optics Express 17, 13050-13058 (2009)]

Soliton delivery of few-cycle optical gigawatt pulses in Kagome-lattice hollow-core photonic crystal fibers [Physical Review A 82, 025801 (2010)]

High-power soliton-induced supercontinuum generation and tunable sub-10-fs VUV pulses from kagome-lattice HC-PCFs [Optics Express 18, 5367-5374 (2010)]

Microjoule sub-10 fs VUV pulse generation by MW pump pulses using highly efficient chirped four-wave mixing in hollow-core photonic crystal fibers [Laser Physics 25, 035404 (2015)]

8. Plasmonic nanoparticles and metamolecules with novel linear and nonlinear electromagnetic properties

Magnetic Fano resonance-induced secondharmonic generation enhancement in plasmonic metamolecule rings [Nanoscale 9, 6068-6075 (2017)]

Asymmetric growth of Au-core/Ag-shell nanorods with a strong octupolar plasmon resonance and an efficient second-harmonic generation [Nano Research 11, issue 2, 686-695 (2018)]

Analytical analysis of spectral sensitivity of plasmon resonances in a nanocavity [Nanoscale 11, 10977-10983 (2019)]