Journal of Kim Il Sung University

Funds of Foreign Investment Corporations in Economic Development Zones and their movement
Author : Kang Chol Su, Ri Chung Sim
Investment Attraction Method Using Meetings and Important Issues for Applying Them
Author : Kim Kyong Ryol
Reactionary Nature of Japanese “Kadogawa Bunko”
Author : Song Mu Gang
The principle of “free intention” in capitalist criminal justice system and its deceitful nature
Author : Sin Kwang Il, Son Hye Ryon
General Understanding of The ESP(English for Specific Purposes)Courses
Author : Jang Chol
Origin of Interpretation and Interpreting Practice
Author : Jong Kyong Ju
Development of literature and its classification
Author : Choi Yong Hui
Some methods in estimation of effectiveness of the environmental protection investment
Author : Hwang Sun Hui
Understanding of modes of encouragement
Author : An Myong Ok
Research into Denotation of Linguistic Units by Ensemble
Author : An Song Duk
Analysis on the research of Korean tho(particle) and the effective ways of acquiring thoes by means of serial those
Author : Yang Ok Ju
Main Characteristics of On-line Journalism in Communication of Information
Author : Kim Chol Hwan
Dwelling manners of Palhae, successor to Koguryo
Author : Jo Kwang
The Main Features of the Natural Environment Favourable to Mankind
Author : Jong Ung
Plasmon effect on the Optical Response of an MNP-SQD-MNP Hybrid Nanosystem
Author : Ko Myong Chol, Kim, Nam Chol, Ryom Ju Sung
Purification and Characterization of Extracellular Recombinant Phytase from Escherichia coli
Author : Kim Ju Song
Some Problems Occurring in Development and Utilization of Rainwater Resources for Sustainable Water Resources Use
Author : Kim Chol U
Study on the Capacity of Vermiculite of Adsorbing Bacillus Polymyxa to It
Author : Kim Hak Mun, Pak Hye Suk