Research Achievement

Saptio-temporal Dynamics of Forest Cover in Mid-Upstream Basins of Taedong River in Our Country
Over the past 30 years, the forests in the study area have undergone ecological processes of deforestation ⋯
Study on Trajectory Tracking Control of a Three-wheeled Omnidirectional Mobile Robot Using Disturbance Estimation Compensator by RBF Neural Network
We propose a method to realize trajectory tracking control of a three-wheeled omnidirectional mobile robot⋯
Mackey-Glass Chaotic Time Series Forecasting by using Self-Organizing Fuzzy Inference Network
We proposed a new forecasting model using self-organizing fuzzy inference network (SOFIN) to solve the problem for forecasting Mackey-Glass chaotic ⋯
Preparation and Characterization of Water-Reducible Polyester Resin Based on Waste PET for Insulation Varnish
Recently, researchers have prepared and characterized water-reducible polyester resin (WRPE) for insulation varnish using waste PET⋯
Comparison of LSTM Network, Neural Network and Support Vector Regression Coupled with Wavelet Decomposition for SPI Forecasting in the Western Area of the DPRK
The standardized precipitation index with 6 and 12-month timescales (SPI-6 and SPI-12) was used in ⋯
Antiproliferative Activity of Ginnalin A Isolated from Acer ginnala Maxim. against Neuroblastoma Cells
Acer plants(maples) have been traditionally used to treat a wide range of diseases and especially ⋯
Fossilized Monkey Bones from Upper Pleistocene Epoch Discovered in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Lots of mammalian fossils were discovered along with human fossils at the Chongphadae cave site in Hwangju County, the Taehung cave site in Sangwon County⋯
The Study On Improvement Of Electron Density Function And Embedding Energy Function Of AEAM For Body-Centered Cubic (Bcc) Tantalum
The research works for considering the asymmetry of electron density distribution have also⋯
A Design of Active Disturbance Rejection Control with Higher Convergence Rate
We proposed a novel method to design ESO-based state feedback controller by using LQ method and⋯
Dynamic Buckling Criterion Of Composite Structures Using Lyapunov Exponent
We improved the BH criterion using the Lyapunov exponent⋯
Initial-Boundary Value Problems For Multi-Term Fractional Wave Equations
We studied the initial-boundary value problem for the multi-term time fractional wave equation modeling⋯
The Impact of Typhoon on Coastal Dikes
The present study focused on the impact of typhoon on the sea off Honggondo on the northern coast, where the coasts⋯
All-Optical Frequency-Dependent Magnetic Switching In Metal-Insulator-Metal Stub Structures
Recently, we found that the rotating electric field vectors of the SPP can act as the effective magnetic field via⋯
Study On Chaos And Sensitivity Via Furstenberg Family For Non-Autonomous Discrete Dynamical Systems
We studied the chaos and sensitivity via Furstenberg family for non-autonomous discrete dynamical systems given by a sequence⋯
Single Image Super-Resolution Method Based On Cross Residual Network And Wavelet Transform
we propose a single-image super-resolution method using cross-residual network and wavelet transform to⋯
A Novel Motion Recovery Using Temporal and Spatial Correlation over H.264 Video Sequences
The proposed algorithm uses temporal and spatial motion vectors of a lost block and neighboring blocks⋯