Random Thought "The Appearance Of The Guardians"

Ju Hyok Il, Faculty of Economics, Kim Il Sung University

This is a picture of surgeons of the Korean People's Army on the streets of the capital city on a deepening night.

Surgeons of the KPA

Surgeons of the KPA

Figure 1. Surgeons of the KPA who walk the night for the people

Soldiers of the People's Army who give the medical services for the health of the people all day long.

The eyes of the front-line soldiers, who had been staying a night in guard of the front lines of the country, picture the happy appearance of the people in the streets.

The people's voice saying the benevolence of the Party and the silent breathing of the children in sound sleep are heard in the ear of the soldiers who'd been keeping vigilant eyes on the enemy's moves on the dew-wet trenches.

They are full of loyalty and devotion to carry out the orders of the Supreme Commander to the last and fulfill the noble mission of defending the country and the people by ensuring the people's good health and the security of the country with their own hearts in the trench of the forefront of the emergency anti-epidemic campaign.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said.

"Loving the people and helping them materially and spiritually is a duty of the People's Army and its beautiful traditional trait. Always mindful of the duty of the army of the people, the service personnel should love the people and actively help them as they would do their own kith and kin."

Surgeons of the People's Army who are devoting themselves to the citizens in the pharmacies of Pyongyang today.

Surgeons of the KPA

Surgeons of the KPA

Figure 2. Surgeons of the KPA who are devoting themselves in the pharmacies of the city

There is a saying, "The space is in a drop of water".

These pictures show you the patriotic traits of the soldiers of the KPA, who are the genuine guardians and servants of our people.

Their hearts are full of firm will to devote their all to the people, true to the respected General Secretary's intention who hesitates nothing for the destiny and future of the people.

As we have such a people's army, our country is strong and the Korean people are enjoying a happy life without any anxiety.