The story by Kangbuk-ri people

Cha Myong Chol, Faculty of Korean Language and Literature, Kim Il Sung University


A better place to live as time goes by

More people visit the place as days go by

There might not be enough guides

You may worry a little

But don't you worry

Everybody is happy to be your guide

"This is the Cultural Hall," they say,

"the first place our General Secretary visited

Really satisfied he was

to see such a wonderful building.

The Cultural Hall, he said,

which had been terribly destroyed

when there was a terrible flood,

is the nicest cultural hall in the Province," they say

"So attentive our General Secretary was,

That he personally opened iron pot,

That he even estimated the height of the ceiling

So that it would be easy to change lamps,

So that it would be good to keep temperature of the room,"

a grandmother will say in tears

Those green cabbages and spinach in the kitchen garden

Those fruit trees around the house

Promise the happy life in the new house

Promise the rosy future of the new-born baby

Reminding the day our General Secretary visited their house

Smiling at the baby the mother is

Farming is for a year

Education is for a century

Our marshal was satisfied to see the newly-built school

Our marshal was happy to see such a nice school

The tales about our General Secretary

They are all endless stories of love for people

The tales of no lies

The tales of all truth

The people in Kangbuk-ri

They tell with gratitude

They shout long live the General Secretary

They shout long live the socialism

Thanks to our General Secretary

They enjoy happy life

Kangbuk-ri became Kangbok-ri(paradise)

They are so proud

Everybody will tell you a story

Everybody will become your guide